Aboute us

Åsebol Sheep Farm is run by Arne Albertsson and his wife Anne-Sofie.
Arne was born on the farm and his wife moved here in 1966 from the west coast.
They ran the farm with milk production up to 2008, by which time the sheep flock had grown and when it was at its peak there were 150 ewes. Now the flock has diminished somewhat and today there are about 35 ewes on the farm. And we intend to reduce it further in the near future.
In 2010 the dream of offering a little tourist accommodation became a reality and we started on building plans. The first wooden house stood ready in 2012 and then we added another in 2013 and a further one in 2014.

Today we have two wooden houses, or log cabins you could call them, with space for 8 guests in each. We also have a house with two overnight rooms, each with four beds and a shared bathroom between the rooms.

A warm welcome awaits you!